Cleaning & Repairing A Sewer Without Having To Climb Into It

trenchless sewer repair

The sewer has got to be one of the dirtiest and foulest places on earth. Shudder the thought that there could be a sewer right beneath the floorboards of your home’s basement. The foul smells emanating from this man cave have nothing to do with the manly things that men do when they gather for their weekly dose of group therapy, playing the games that boys love. Boys of the manly type also love getting their hands dirty.

But no hands go up when volunteers are sought. Volunteers needed to fish out all the muck and grime that has accumulated in the nearby municipal sewer. Apart from the fact that it is really filled too much to the brim with muck, it smells really awful too. Not even the offer of surgical gloves and masks will help get any men down this hole. But there is work to be done. Salute all those who do sacrifice their limbs to do the dirty work that no-one is prepared to do.

No wonder, it is also quite dangerous work, and any sensible man would much rather leave this task to the professional. Now, watch in wonder and awe as the seasoned professionals unveil their customized and trademarked trenchless sewer repair work. Some of the sewers out there are in such a state, it may as well be removed and replaced. Normally, doing so would be quite a mission, and dangerous to boot.

This innovative process of work does just as its name suggests. No technician ever goes down that dirty, dark hole again. There is no longer the need. After a digitally enhanced camera is lowered through that dank crevice and an inspection completed, the old, cracked pipes are re-built from within.